Remarks by
Amish Tripathi

Amish Tripathi

I was born into a deeply traditional and religious household. So my worldview began from a different space, compared to those who were born into less religious households. And yet, many of those born in less religious households have rediscovered their ancient Hindu and Indian roots over the last few decades.

I will not comment on the politics of this, but the social movement fascinates me. And there’s nobody better to learn this from than Rahul Roushan, who speaks of this journey from his own personal experience. Rahul is a great communicator, but he also possesses deep perceptive intelligence, which he hides behind a wicked sense of humour.

Read this book, and get a microcosmic understanding of the massive social changes taking place in India over the last few decades.

Amish Tripathi
Bestselling author and Director, Nehru Centre, London